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My PORN life

I am Anuskatzz a crazy skinny heavily tattooed woman with long dreads who knows exactly what she wants. I love to play with my body and my attraction. To be in front of the camera is one of my kinks because I like to play with your imagination…

I life BDSM 24/7 this is the reason why I made my lifestyle to my profession. For me it is not just a passion I see it as well as social work because sexuality could get used as a important healing method and the best satisfaction you can get in a society like this where we need sometimes a break to find back to our energy.

The world wide web is my playground and this is why I can highly recommend you to follow me on all my social media pages where you get a lot more closer details and personal storys/pics and videos from and with me: www.getsl.ink/anuskatzz

My idea is to turn the adult world a bit more upside down and show you the beauty of BDSM. My claim is QUALITY and this is why we produce our movies most of the time in 4K and with a perfect sound. We never give up to search for perfection and this is why we play in our XXX movies in a trippy way with different perspectives and a unique atmosphere. The movies are 100 % pure because it isnt a job it is how we life. If you search for the normal stereotyp of “Pornstar” you are wrong on my page. I only shoot with people I love and do what I love. (If you need to know anymore informations about my work as DOMINATRIX please scroll down or check my page: www.dominatrizz.com)


Personal facts

I am 174 cm tall and my clothe size is between 34 – 36/ XS – S.  My shoe size is 38 EU and my waight is around 53 kilo. I have an atlhetic and skinny body full of an unique tattoo bodysuit by Little Stastika – Psyland25. You want one too ? Check out our homepage: www.psyland25.com. My hair = dreadlocks are grey violet white blond and my eyes are blue but with a bodymodification called eyeball tattoo in light violet. I speak german and english. I have a fetish for elegant clothes, latex wear and extraordinary glasses and high heels.