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My PORN life

I am Anuskatzz a crazy skinny heavily tattooed woman with long dreads who knows exactly what she wants. I love to play with my body and my attraction. To be in front of the camera is one of my kinks because I like to play with your imagination...

I life BDSM 24/7 this is the reason why I made my lifestyle to my profession. For me it is not just a passion I see it as well as social work because sexuality could get used as a important healing method and the best satisfaction you can get in a society like this where we need sometimes a break to find back to our energy.

The world wide web is my playground and this is why I can highly recommend you to follow me on all my social media pages where you get a lot more closer details and personal storys/pics and videos from and with me: www.getsl.ink/anuskatzz

My idea is to turn the adult world a bit more upside down and show you the beauty of BDSM. My claim is QUALITY and this is why we produce our movies most of the time in 4K and with a perfect sound. We never give up to search for perfection and this is why we play in our XXX movies in a trippy way with different perspectives and a unique atmosphere. The movies are 100 % pure because it isnt a job it is how we life. If you search for the normal stereotyp of "Pornstar" you are wrong on my page. I only shoot with people I love and do what I love. (If you need to know anymore informations about my work as DOMINATRIX please scroll down or check my page: www.dominatrizz.com)

Personal facts

I am 174 cm tall and my clothe size is between 34 - 36/ XS - S.  My shoe size is 38 EU and my waight is around 53 kilo. I have an atlhetic and skinny body full of an unique tattoo bodysuit by Little Stastika - Psyland25. You want one too ? Check out our homepage: www.psyland25.com. My hair = dreadlocks are grey violet white blond and my eyes are blue but with a bodymodification called eyeball tattoo in light violet. I speak german and english. I have a fetish for elegant clothes, latex wear and extraordinary glasses and high heels.

Our DIRTY DREAZ project

You already like my XXX movies but you search for more intense, extrem and unique BDSM xxx clips ?

You are interested in meeting other BDSM-dreadheads like me?

Dirty Dreaz is a sideproject of me and Little Swastika. It’s happening in between pornography and art.

Dirty Dreaz will give you access to exceptional photography and film with dreadheads like me. You have the oppertunity to have a view insight of a crazy community with open minded people who explore sexuality in a very intense and wonderful way.

You can find movies and pictures about: Bodymodications, orgys, bodysuspensions, shibari and bondage and this all with people who are realy into this crazy kink.You can be absolutly shure you havent seen anything like this before !


” An exclusive BDSM audience is like intoxicating music or an extraordinary book.

It let you drift away, you will forget the time and hope that this piece of art will never come to an end ! ” 

Anuskatzz (2019)

Let me take you to an adventure you will never forgett.

I life BDSM 24/7.

To choose this way of life isnt a easy step. I know, because I was one of you but I took my BDSM lifestyle and made a profession out of it and with this profession I know exactly what you will feel in our audience and I will lead you trough your innerst desires and this with the best tool I have:



I know it will be hard for you to sepperate this two things because you know that this could exist but I can tell you: I already have all the satisfaction I want and need with the people I love and I dont need your fucking money to change my opinion about it. For shure I will play with your thoughts and your mind. For shure I know you already have seen some of my XXX movies and this is totally fine because it is a proof that I know exactly what I have to do to bring you the best joy and satisfaction out of our time together but it doesnt mean that I will do this with you too because then I dont need to work as DOMINATRIX. I would work as SLAVE... but you can be shure I have some SLAVES around me who we could invite in our session and I would be the mentor who know exactly how I can put you and the slave together in a good atmosphere.

I know in some dungeons there are "mistresses" who are classic but make all of this stuff and this is absolutly fine BUT I AM NOT ! 

So if you cant sepperat your thoughts in your mind with me and the attraction with me as DOMINATRIX. Dont book a session it will be a waist of time but if you are open enough to play with this new chapter of BDSM and treatment feel welcome to enjoy a session with me. We can make something special out of it. It is all up on you ! If you can let go and we trust each other. Otherwise you know where you can find the "dominatrix" you are searching for !

With my extraordinary appearance, i will stir up your curiosity, so it will be hard for you to turn away. You’ve never seen someone like me.

Looking like an extraterrestrial being, you wish to follow me in my world and I will take you into it, to experience another version of yourself.

The delicate and sultry me I am offering you is going to convey you into believing I am fragile but I just love to play with you! Trust me, my distinctive sense for sadism is going to overwhelm all of your desires.

I can make every perversion of you true because I have a crazy backround with crazy open mindet people, doesnt matter if its bi/ girl slaves, transgender or shibari artists. Bodimodification and tattoo artist PROS.

Everything could be possible when you are a trustful and brave sub !

The commitment I gave to you will awaken your confidence to reach and even exceed your limitations.

You want more details ? Check my page:


Let me open the door to your stage and let yourself go, enjoy my fully attention just for you and your pervert fantasys


There’re no gender limitations as well.

Male, Female or any Trans*person are welcome!

I am also up for couples as well as single people – all of you are addressed to start their personal adventure with me.

Here you see intimate, funny, nude and sexy photos and videos from my personal life and all behind the scene stuff you are curious about! It is up on you how much you like to see. You can choose different tiers and get even more access and gifts from me to make your help as much comfortable as it could get.

Everything documented with long detailed texts written by me.

My life is crazy, my life is pervert and, in my world, happen many things that blow even my mind every time again and again. But most of the social media platforms forbid the content of the pictures and videos out of my world and at least I have now so much from it and I really like to share them all !

As photo model, I love to play with the medium photo and film. With the know-how of the high quality photographers I am able to work with, I can share unique photos and videos here on my Patreon page and you can be even the director of the shoot.

With your donation and support, I have the possibility to let my projects grow!
Like Dirty Dreaz perhaps. It is a platform for creative people who come together to share their imagination of art and sexuality.
So, you can be with your donation the most important part and helper for a change in the boring fetish scene to give my voice a bigger impact and to help creating a new world of BDSM.

As new option I have SNAPCHAT ! So if you follow me as naughty on my Patreon page or on Manyvids you get the option to my privat Snapchat with all of my naughty and pervers videoclips.

Every month I will uplaod a detailed videoclip about a theme my Patreon followers choose like: bodymodifications etc. and this for shure in the best quality.

You could get up to 20 of my XXX movies for FREE.

You could get already for 1$ a high quality WALLPAPER to download.

Check: www.patreon.com/anuskatzz


If you are to shy to get in contact with me but still want to get my attention, you can please me by buying something from my amazon wishlist…

Maybe in near future I am wearing your chosen outfit

Or you just enjoy making me happy.